Fertility Factor 5

If you’re trying to conceive, but male factor issues are preventing you…

Meaning, low count, poor shape and bad motility are keeping you from achieving your dreams of starting a family…

Fertility Factor 5 helps couples conceive. It’s a high quality formula made with clinically studied sexual nutrients shown to improve sperm count, shape and movement, among other factors that help men impregnate their partners.


Male Fertility Breakthrough!

Finally, an all-natural, non-invasive way to improve male fertility starting in JUST 3 MONTHS!

  • Increase Sperm Population (count)
  • Improve Sperm Shape (morphology)
  • Boost Sperm Movement (motility)
  • Enlarge Semen Volume
  • Support Male Reproductive Function


FF5 is for couples who want to conceive naturally, but who are struggling with male fertility factors. These male fertility factors can include: Low sperm count, poor sperm shape and poor motility.

FF5 is an all-natural formula with ingredients clinically shown to improve sperm count, shape and motility.

Fertility Factor 5 is a powerful fertility enhancing formula. Zinc and Selenium are both in this formula because studies show that – low levels of these nutrients could be detrimental to sperm health and development.

Panax Ginseng has been traditionally used for centuries to support male sexual health and now modern science is proving it. Studies show Panax Ginseng is beneficial for male reproductive health and fertility.

LJ100 is a patented extract developed by MIT researchers shown in clinical studies to improve sperm count, motility and shape.

BioPerine is like a natural health supplement “supercharger”. This patented black pepper extract is clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. Meaning, BioPerine can help improve the effectiveness of FF5’s formula even more!

These 5 proven ingredients are what make up FF5’s revolutionary fertility formula.


Believe it or not, being diagnosed with poor sperm health is not the only problem men face today. Older and younger men can both face these problems too.

These problems are poor libido and sexual performance issues. A man without a sex drive, with erection difficulties and poor sperm health could face extreme difficulties in having a child.

That’s why the ingredients we selected for FF5 also help tackle these problems too. LJ100 and Panax Ginseng, which you can find in FF5, are both clinically proven to help improve libido and sexual function. And with a healthy libido… a healthy erection… and improved sperm health, your chances of conception could improve drastically.




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